Antisemitism statement

Antisemitism statement

There has been a startling increase in attacks on America’s Jewish community across California and the entire country these past few weeks in response to Hamas firing rockets from Gaza into Israel, prompting a legitimate military response from Israel. 

Particularly disturbing, was the targeting of Jewish diners near West Hollywood, just blocks from where I live, by “Free Palestine” protesters. People were asked if they were Jewish, before being subsequently attacked and beaten. Another was chased down in a vehicle that was flying “Free Palestine” flags. 

First, Log Cabin Republicans will always stand with Israel and its right to defend itself against any and all attacks. And second, Log Cabin Republicans stands with our Jewish American community in the face of increasing anti semitism, fueled in part by the rise of “progressive” groups such as Black Lives Matters who have time again, sided with terrorist groups such as Hamas over the citizens of Israel or the victims of the Palestinian Authority’s failed and violent policies. 

It’s no coincidence that as most “progressive” groups increasingly try to accuse Israel of falsehoods, spout hateful rhetoric, and anti Semitic tropes, there has been a subsequent dramatic increase in violent attacks on Jewish citizens in this country. These attacks and this violence, be it verbal or physical, must stop! 

I ask that each of you call out and condemn acts such as these, whether they are subtle and insidious, or are more obvious, because only through speaking up and speaking out, will we be able to finally start turning the tide against the loudest voices in this country right now, who only seem to want more violence, division, and hatred. It’s up to each of us within our sphere of influence to make a difference.

Thank you,
Matthew Craffey