Op-ed: Why LGBT and the GOP are Better Together

Op-ed: Why LGBT and the GOP are Better Together

Log Cabin California President Matthew Craffey penned this Op-ed featured in The Advocate:

As a gay man living in Los Angeles for two years now, I’ve been asked more than a few times how I could be both gay and Republican. It can be such a contentious issue that I feel compelled to bring it right out in the open on a first date. The whole process is like coming out for a second time, with the latter being almost as harrowing.

When I mention I serve on the board of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that advocates for pro-LGBT Republicans, the bewilderment grows: “You mean there are more of you out there?” It’s not lost on me why there is so much animosity in our community toward the GOP. But even if you are a committed Democrat, you should support the work being done by gay Republicans and other allies within the party.

More will be done for our community in terms of equality and representation if both parties believe our vote is up for grabs. If you’ve watched cable news at all lately, it’s clear the GOP is a party in transition. Candidates and many in the leadership want to engage the LGBT community...

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