Matthew Craffey Op Ed

Matthew Craffey Op Ed

In the midst of our daily chaos, heavily stoked fear and insidious Venezuelan fumes encompassing our state, there is still cause for some hope.

Our California Chairman Matthew Craffey has penned an extremely relevant and useful OpEd for Outspoken about how we got to this remarkable state of affairs--and more importantly, what can be done about it. 

Perhaps the most important takeaway is in Craffey's peroration: 

If we are going to survive as a society, it is time that within each of our spheres of influence, we voice our own opposition to the bias we see within these institutions both on a personal level and publicly protesting the mass-silencing of conservatives that is now taking place.

Each of us has power as a leader in our respective communities to follow this guidance--we no longer have the luxury to put it off. ☝️🇺🇸📜🔔

Let this article be a vital reminder to us each, in the midst of our loud liberal enclaves and woke dystopian dumps that we are not alone in our dread...quite the opposite. The more we stand up and peacefully protest, the more rapidly our silent allies and supporters will find us. We are the majority. 

Starting with this piece, it is time to wake everyone up.