Log Cabin Republicans is the nation's largest Republican organization dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and our allies. For 40 years, we have led the fight for equality within the Republican Party and for diversity of thought and viewpoints within the LGBT community. Log Cabin Republicans of California represents and works with all the LCR chapters within California, which was the original birthplace of the organization. LCR CA also works to endorse and support statewide candidates and issues that parallel the mission of our organization.

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Feb 26, 2019

Log Cabin Successes at the California GOP Convention

Last weekend, your California Log Cabin Republicans leadership team assembled in Sacramento at the California Republican Party convention. The difference just a few years make could not be more striking. Just four years ago at...

Feb 22, 2019

A Lot Has Happened Over the Last Few Weeks

A lot has happened in the past few weeks!!! First, there was President Trump's historic announcement in his State of Union Address that he has put together a plan to end the HIV epidemic by the year 2030! You can...

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