Log Cabin CA Statement on CA State Senate Invitation

Log Cabin CA Statement on CA State Senate Invitation

Log Cabin Republicans of California fervently reject the assertion that a strong Catholic, Christian faith is mutually exclusive to LGBT equality. Over the last few weeks, California has been home to a larger debate in the public square concerning a group practicing the mockery and disrespect of religious traditions to advance visibility around LGBT issues.

We believe that the California Legislature should celebrate the highest ideals of unity and compromise to provide for all of Californian's citizens. Highlighting a group that uses division, mockery, and blasphemy as a means to an end is inherently harmful to our body politic.

As a focal point of political activism for gay rights, California has countless examples of faith leaders who have valiantly fought for equality and inclusion in the face of homophobia and stigma over the last several decades. Certainly there are more deserving individuals and groups worthy of recognition by the California State Senate.

We call on Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins to recognize and highlight someone from the LGBT community this Pride month who inspires the best of our community, rather than Sister Roma and an organization practicing division and intolerance.

Lindsey Stetson
Chairwoman, Log Cabin CA

[email protected]